"Yürüyemez" dediler, o koşmayı tercih etti...

They said "He won't walk", he preferred to run...

About Emrah

About me

My name is Emrah Baki Başoğlu, as known as EmBaBa. I had an accident in October 2, 2016 and my life changed completely. I took this photo below 2 hours before my accident. I lost control because of damaged road and crashed into a guardrail. The accident created two periods in my life, before and after the accident, and this photograph is the last document of the former one.

In the accident, two of my spinebones, T5 and T7, and chestbone were broken and my lungs were partially damaged. Because of the spinal cord injury, there was a loss of sense below my stomach and my legs were paralyzed. Since too much edema covered my spinal cord, I couldn’t have the surgery on that day so we had to wait one night.

It must have been the longest night for me. At that night, everybody had a hope that my legs would move immediately after the surgery.

The first thing I did when I was in intensive care after surgery was to try to move my feet. I couldn’t make it. I tried it again and again for one day but there was no movement.

I realized then that my life changed completely but I had no idea about this new life. On the following days after surgery, the only thing I was doing on my cell phone was to secretly search the stories of those who suffered from spinal cord injury, but the internet was filled with disappointment, stories of those who were paraplegic.

When people are desperate, they want to embrace even the tiniest things that will bring hope to themselves. Because of this, I am sharing my recovery story of spinal cord injury on my own website and social media for other patients who are looking for hope.

I was a paraplegic man with 8 screws and 4 platins on a collapsed backbone when I got out of surgery. None of the doctors, including the one surgeon gave me any chance to walk again.

However, I never believed that I was not gonna make it, I began physiotherapy immediately. I worked hard for days, screaming in pain, until I cried. In the 3rd week after surgery I started taking assisted steps and after two months, I was able to walk without any assistance.

We should always keep in mind that spinal cord injuries are one of the most inexplicable illnesses hiding miracles and nobody can anticipate when these miracles can become true.



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