Some people die while some people are born. This is what we call ‘the circle of life’. And when it comes to death, we always pray God not to take the lives of our beloved ones because it hurts, it really hurts. Sometimes I am closing my eyes in bed, imagining that one of my people lost his life and I feel a huge pain in my chest.

Yes death hurts, especially when this person is someone in your circle, it gives you never-ending pains. But why does it hurt so much when you are told that somebody you saw only once lost his life 12000 kilometers away from you?

I met Steven Barlow when I was living in the US last year. While Sean was driving me to his house, I was feeling like an uninvited guest because I asked Sean to find me a Mormon family who could help me about my Mormon project. Sean made the preparations but I wasn’t sure how they would feel about it. I was literally a stranger to them. But the first and last time I entered their house, he and his lovely wife Marcy welcomed me to their house with a warm smile. After a ten minute chat, all my doubts disappeared. They made me feel more than a regular guest with their enthusiasm and hospitality. I can even remember the taste of the juice Steven served us now. When I left their home, I was feeling something strange. Up to that moment, I had always met happy Mormons who were really willing to share about their cultures but there was always something disturbing which was unexplainable. However Marcy and Steven were really warm and you could easily sense their bliss after a couple of hours of conversation with them.


It is difficult to get to know a person in a short time. But sometimes you meet a person and can easily see his friendly, honest and kindhearted personality. Steven was a good man and when good men die, it hurts no matter how close he is to you. I know that a great soul never dies Steven. Rest in peace.


And Marcy; my heart goes out to you during this difficult time. My thought and prayers are with you.


With loving memories of Steven,