"Yürüyemez" dediler, o koşmayı tercih etti...

They said "He won't walk", he preferred to run...



Tedavi Sürecim

A Spinal Cord Injury StoryFeatured


Hello! My name is Emrah, aka EmBaBa. I am 36 years old, from Turkey and work as a language teacher. In October 2016, I had a motorcycle accident which left me as an incomplete paraplegic in a wheelchair. My doctors were not very optimistic about my possibility to walk again but after an intensive rehabilitation period I spent in hospital, I did it, I can walk and even run short distances. I still have some health problems; my spinal cord injury caused sensory deficit like loss of pain and sensitivity to hot or cold below my waist down. My leg and hip muscles are still weak and I also have a slight foot drop on my left side which restrains me from activities requiring high energy and movement. Despite all, I am grateful for my current situation and I am aware of the fact that I am one of those small number of lucky people who are able to stand on their feet after such a big trauma.

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